Masternode Manager App is live on Google Play!

The MN Manager app for Magnet has now been released (Beta) for Android! The current version provides the same functionalities as the online check tool for masternodes.

Search and create custom list for masternodes you own, check real-time network statistics and browse the explorer for any masternode on the network.

Live reward notifications are coming in the next few days! We are also planning many iterations in the coming weeks including the ability to dig deeper into stats, reports, visualization and much more!

Smooth and seamless updates

Coming from many years of experience in the gaming industry, the technology stack we used allows us to push UI updates without the need to modify the native layer (on the phone) allowing very smooth and seamless content updates (think of how content updates are pushed to the user for many modern games these days).

All our apps will be based on that live technology, including the wallet 2.0. This effort gives us access to a strong workflow to iterate and improve our product usability and to term, brings huge value to any of our mobile products.

iOS coming too!

Committed to enlarge our services and audience over time, we plan to target iOS users as well and will make our apps available on iTunes as soon as they come out of Beta for Android. Our technology also allows us to seamlessly target any mobile platform.

Hope you enjoy the ride with us as we are working steadily to bring our platform and ideas to life.

For any live feedback and discussion, don’t hesitate to contact us on Discord.

Frederic Rezeau

Founder at Litemint. Developer with 10+ years of experience working for financial firms BGC Partners and Crédit Lyonnais Bank (Crédit Agricole) in London and Paris. Honorable Mention Prize Winner at the 2014 Linux Foundation & Samsung Tizen App Challenge. Co-founder of Israeli-based video game company Massive Games. Founder of award-winning UK-based studio Okijin and Magnetwork.

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