A Bitcoin Mining Experiment for Everyone

Lucky Miner - Bitcoin Mining Experiment for Everyone

Being involved in the video game industry, I am always interested in ways new technology can be leveraged through gamification to provide opportunities for engagement, retention and monetisation.

I created this experimental app to iterate on the fact that, on the bitcoin blockchain, there is a nonzero probability for any miner to confirm a block before anyone else does.

The app runs miners on a full bitcoin node back-end. Whenever a block is confirmed, a random user’s Bitcoin address is picked up to collect the reward. Note that this app is not a CPU mining client.

Here are few questions it can help answer:

  • Is there a profitable mid-point (i.e. balance between user engagement and game monetization strategies)?
  • Can committing more hash power generate enough incentive while keeping operational costs low enough?
  • Can limits negatively impact user engagement (e.g. limiting the number of participants per block, limiting the number of blocks per day, per hour…)?
  • Can adding more depth positively impact user engagement (e.g. suggested on Reddit : allowing users to play against a range of reserved nonces)?

Disclosure: The node is also used for other projects of mine so I do not guaranty the hash rate and service availability. Running a full bitcoin node involves some costs which this setup allows me to partially negate while providing a free experiment.


What are the odds?

As much as I would be thrilled to see someone win a block using this system, the current probability remains pretty low – this tool is currently for fun and educational purposes.

The probability of winning for a specific participant is effectively based on the compound probability of two independent events, the probability of confirming a block and the probability of the participant’s address being picked up.

D = Global block difficulty.
H = Hash power (per second).
T = Average time (in second) required to confirm a block.
P = Participant count.

Compound probability = 1 ÷ (D x 232 ÷ (T x H)) ÷ P

Take a look at my article Bitcoin Solo Miner for a comparison with the National Lottery odds and further explanation.

How to use it?

Navigate to the Lucky Miner app page (no download required) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once your address is submitted, you do not need to keep the app running (this app is not a CPU miner client). The server automatically adds you to the next block search. Simply enter the same address when you re-start the app to check the current progress, or check the online logs.

Where can I check the results?

You can check the live block logs here: http://download.blockonomy.org/.miner/results

Additionally, when running the app a notification is displayed each time a block is confirmed by anyone on the bitcoin network (if you are in the current draw).

Although not required, if you happen to win the Jackpot donate here 🙂

Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: [[address]]

Donation of [[value]] BTC Received. Thank You.


Should you have any issue, ideas for improvement and feedback feel free to get in touch.

Good Luck and have fun!

Frederic Rezeau

I am Frederic, developer with 10+ years of experience working for financial firms in Paris and London specializing in the development of real-time trading and brokerage systems. I am founder of Litemint, a secure, peer-to-peer, multi-asset trading wallet, co-founder of Israeli-based video game company Massive Games and founder of award-winning UK-based studio Okijin Ltd. 2014 Honorable Mention Prize Winner – The Linux Foundation and Samsung – Tizen App Challenge. I created blockonomy.org to throw my two satoshi at a fascinating realm which boundaries spread much beyond technology.

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