Two Decade Old Encryption Software

I wrote the original version of Krypto Zone back in 1999 – debugging C++ code on a shiny VC6 IDE through many sleepless nights. Good old days!

Here is the official and final resting page of an antique, yet still working, piece of encryption software.


Written entirely in C++, Krypto Zone is a lightweight, fast and user-friendly encryption software. Krypto Zone uses AES-128 and RSA-1024 encryption for privacy. It can be used to sign, encrypt, decrypt and securely erase any files. It also implements secure memory management and sanitization (DOD 5220.22-M) with non-trivial memory allocation mechanism using the Kernel’s page cache.


  • AES 128-bit symmetric encryption.
  • RSA 1024-bit asymmetric encryption.
  • Secure File Eraser (Clearing and Sanitization Methods DOD 5220.22-M).
  • Self-extracting encrypted files (similar to self-extracting Zip file).
  • The receiver does not need Krypto Zone to open SFX archives.
  • MD5 128-bit.
  • Password manager.
  • Multi file encryption, drag & drop and contextual menu.
  • Text file editor using Memory Mapped Files with Kernel’s page cache and sanitization methods after use.
  • 556 KB size (without documentation).
  • Support from Windows 95 to Windows 10.


SHA256( c694547dd06379370b5368e68c57a582fff523472203863265056088647d99b4

Frederic Rezeau

I am Frederic, developer with 10+ years of experience working for financial firms in Paris and London specializing in the development of real-time trading and brokerage systems. I am founder of Litemint, a secure, peer-to-peer, multi-asset trading wallet, co-founder of Israeli-based video game company Massive Games and founder of award-winning UK-based studio Okijin Ltd. 2014 Honorable Mention Prize Winner – The Linux Foundation and Samsung – Tizen App Challenge. I created to throw my two satoshi at a fascinating realm which boundaries spread much beyond technology.

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